What to expect of a Tantra Session…

During the course of a Tantra or Tantric Massage Treatment, regardless of the length of treatment itself — whether 90 minutes, 2 hours or longer — you can typically expect the session to adhere somewhat to the following loose format: intake, opening, treatment, closing, follow up recommendations and the scheduling of your next appointment.

If you are wondering whether or not some of the modalities used during a Certified Massage Therapy Treatment are also employed during the course of a Tantric Massage Treatment – the answer; is yes.  This is the reason that the session format  will independently vary, from one patient to the next,  based upon the intention and boundaries established during the intake portion of your treatment.

Modalities used in CMT Treatment

CMT techniques utilized during your Tantra session can include all or any one of the following modalities: Tui Na, Gua Sha and/or Cupping.

Tui Na – Chinese Meridian Massage

Tui na is a form of manual therapy that closely adheres to principles of healing rooted deep within the rich history of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This modality relies heavily on knowledge of the various acupuncture meridians within the body and systems of differentiation and diagnosis utilized by TCM Practitioners and Doctors of TCM alike to provide relief from both chronic and acute pain.

Manual techniques employed will vary from rolling to kneading to plucking to the use of friction to release patterns of gross tissue dysfunction and return your body to a state of function and unimpeded, balanced — and harmonious — movement.

Gua Sha – Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization [IASTM]

Gua Sha, literally means: “to scrape wind”. Often referred to traditionally as “coining” or “scraping” it is a modality that is employed to treat deep tissue dysfunctions that arise from Qi Stagnation or Blood Stasis. The belief, is that, in scraping the tissues, circulation of new blood is encouraged and that blockages to vital Qi are alleviated or eliminated altogether.

In the west, this practice has gained popularity and evolved into what was once known as Graston Technique and what is now, more commonly known as: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization. Scientifically, it’s still unclear as to how exactly this modality works and the vast majority of the results obtained are being dismissed simply as the results of a “placebo” effect.


Cupping is a modality of therapeutic treatment that is used to provide relief to superficial tissue dysfunctions within the fascia where tissue no longer has a glide to it. Unlike Western versions of cupping, Traditional Chinese Medicine uses fire to exhaust the air out of glass cups.

The belief is that, in using fire, vital Qi – – life force energy — is transferred into the glass cup first then, in turn, to the body during application thereby reinvigorating the tissues and restoring function. The glass cups in contrast to the silicone cups used by a majority of Western Clinicians maintain their shape during application and form a more complete seal as result.

In the formation of a better seal, negative pressure is created between the cup and the dysfunctional tissues. This negative pressure gently pulls and separates the varied layers of the dermis and allows the unobstructed flow of blood to the surrounding tissues. It’s the combination of unobstructed new blood flow and negative pressure that provides the relief and restoration experienced through this modality of treatment.

The Intake…

The intake portion of your treatment is your opportunity to express what your intentions and inner most desires are in respect to the outcome you wish to obtain from your participation in the sacred tantra ceremony itself. At this time, boundaries and procedures around the withdraw of consent will also be discussed, in an effort to establish clarity, comfort and the creation of a 3rd safe space between yourself and the Tantra Practitioner — absent of judgement or emotion.

This safe space will allow you, as the receiver, the ability and gift to explore — uninhibited — both; the healing and pleasurable power of your divine sexual energy. Intentions for a session could be as specific as healing a physiological, psychological or emotional trauma or it could be simply to relax, surrender and be adorned and worshipped as the true god or goddess that you are.

Once a clear intention, boundaries and procedures around the withdraw of consent have been established for the session your Tantra masseur (masseuse) will invite you to disrobe. Depending on your individual comfort level and previously discussed boundaries, the masseur (masseuse) may, at this time, excuse themselves from the room while you prepare for the treatment or remain with you, at your request.

The Opening…

The opening of the tantra session will be earmarked with some breath work, sound therapy and practices around the establishment of a deep connection with your tantra guide. The duration of these activities will vary independently from one individual to the next. The intent is to provide tools to you — the receiver — that will aid in prolonging pleasure and provide further deep relaxation and subsequent release during the remainder of the duration of the treatment itself.

The Treatment…

From here, with a deep connection established with your Tantra guide, they will invite you to lie down, prone, where they will start to provide a massage of varying pressures –to your feet, the back of your legs and inner thigh, buttocks and ultimately your back — in an effort to awaken the powerful sexual energies the reside deep within your Sacral Chakra. The variant pressures of the massage technique itself are meant to coax interplay between Shiva and Shakti – these are the divine male and female polar opposites of both sexual and life energy themselves that reside deep within the body.

The interaction between these two polar forces is meant to resemble a carefully constructed and well choreographed dance that will allow you, as the receiver, to feel as if you are riding the deep currents of the ocean tides. The ultimate aim of this prolonged erotic dance is to restore within you a feeling harmony between these two elemental forces — to be perfectly neutral and in control of all of your varied energies — neither too Yin [female / cold] nor too Yang [male / hot] – balanced.

The Close & Sacred Ceremony of the Yoni or Lingam

As the session draws nearer to completion the practitioner [having previously been given consent] will strategically close the treatment with the sacred yoni or lingam ceremony — which may or may not culminate in orgasm or ejaculation for you, the receiver — depending on the intent set during the intake portion of the treatment.

This ancient modality for deep healing, reinvigoration and meditation leaves you, the receiver, feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, re-energized and looking forward to your next treatment. The practitioner will remain with you and guide you in breath work, sound therapy and practices designed to anchor the treatment thereby bringing the session full-circle to conclusion.

Follow Up, Homework & Scheduling your next appointment…

It’s at this time that your Tantra guide may have some homework or exercise suggestions for you to perform prior to your next appointment. Again, it all depends upon the intention set during the intake portion of the treatment. Once all questions have been sufficiently answered they will schedule your next visit. Expect a follow up email 48 hours after your treatment to touch base and see how the treatment has taken.

Professional Standards and Ethics…

Given the intimate nature of this interaction we adhere to strict policies and guidelines that are in place to protect you — as the receiver — and your Tantra Guide. For further details on these policies and guidelines please continue reading …here.