1. Your Tantra Guide will be professional in attitude and conduct. Responsible in their interaction with you as a client and reliable in the performance of their duties and agreements.

2. Your Tantra Guide will be respectful of your time, the same courtesy is appreciated in reciprocity — this means: 48 hours advance booking and a minimum of 24 hours cancellation. Failure to adhere to these policies will result in forfeiture of your deposit.

3. As the receiver of services provided by The Sacred Temple Tantra you will be provided with a range of options from which to choose. The aim in the provision of these choices is to facilitate your growth and honour your individual journey in Tantra. To this end, at NO TIME will you be coerced or pressured into participating in any activity or exercise absent of consent and being fully informed as to the benefit(s) of the activity or exercise.

4. Prior to the commencement of the session you will be informed of the policies and procedures surrounding choice, consent, the informed withdraw of consent and the collaborative creation of a nurturing and supportive environment — a 3rd safe space, absent of judgement or emotion where you can feel empowered to explore the divine nature of your sexual energy and being.

5. When agreed upon, in respect to the use of physical touch, your Tantra Guide will do so consciously and with the intent to do no harm. Prior to such an interaction your Tantra Guide will obtain both written and verbal consent insuring that the aforementioned policies and procedures surrounding the withdraw of consent are clearly understood.

6. In respect to Sexual Contact with you — the client — your Tantra Guide will:

• Work to establish clarity around your boundaries and comfort.

• Respect the established boundaries once agreed upon. Which also includes the withdraw of consent whether expressed or implied.

• Renegotiation of the boundaries mid-session, once established, is highly discouraged due to the fragile and vulnerable nature of the dynamic between you and your Tantra Guide. With that said, your Tantra Guide is tasked with the responsibility of closely and consistently monitoring you and your needs during the session and, should boundaries be renegotiated, they are to be agreed upon mutually both physically and verbally. And then documented and consented to immediately at the conclusion of the session.

• Due to the inherent inequality in the dynamic between the Tantra Guide as teacher / practitioner and you as the client / receiver of this service, it should be clearly and expressly known that: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will this power be utilized inappropriately for the sexual exploitation of you as the client / receiver of said service.

• It is to be made clear that this dynamic is in no way to be construed as a romantic sexual relationship or the replacement of a romantic sexual relationship by either party. And, as such, the needs oft associated with such a relationship will not be met through this professional association.

• It is to be made clear that your Tantra Guide works with Men, Women, Couples and Groups of individuals of all sexual orientations and varied gender identities and that this, IS NOT, a reflection of their own individual sexual orientation, gender identity, preferences or tastes. Rather, it is an indication of their ability to create an environment of love, compassion, patience and reverence where all are welcome to laugh, cry, heal, explore and receive pleasure equally.

7. Should there arise a need, your Tantra Guide will discuss with you any potential health risks associated with services to be provided and discuss any and all precautions necessary in mitigating these risks to you both. Provisions may be as minimally invasive as discussing practices surrounding good personal hygiene, to the use of personal protective equipment, to the steps taken to sanitize equipment utilized during the provision of massage treatments.

8. Your Tantra Guide has the expressed autonomy to refuse service to you if you are, or reasonably believed to be, under the influence of any inebriating or mind altering substances including but not limited to prescription medications.

9. Any and all personal or confidential information gathered during the discourse of this association is held in the utmost confidence and bound by strict conditions set forth in the Privacy Policy of The Sacred Temple Tantra and sacredtempletantra.com.

10. Violation of any of the terms expressly or implicitly contained here-within this scope of Professional Standards of Practice | Etiquette | & Boundaries are to be considered grounds for immediate cessation of the session and potential grounds for the complete termination of this professional association.