Our Approach

Generally, our sessions will follow a similar format, regardless of treatment length. Each session will commence with a brief needs assessment where we will set an intent for our time together. The next component of the session will focus on pranayama breath work, clearing any emotional or physical blockages that may obstruct the free flow of prana [vital life-force energy — Qi]. As energy, comfort and a non-verbal rapport is built, the session will then transition into the use of traditional Chinese modalities of manual therapy — Tui Na, Gua Sha and/or Fire Cupping — whose employ and intent are to relieve dysfunctional tissue of underlying stress and trauma, and, restore blood flow and circulation of vital Qi. The session will culminate in the sacred yoni or lingam ceremony, celebrating the divine god – Shiva or goddess – Shakti and the interplay between the two that lie within.

Our Story

The Sacred Temple Tantra is just the latest arch in an evolutionary journey that has spanned over 3 decades in exploration of the gateway that is the physical self and it’s connection to the psychological, emotional and spiritual realms. The Sacred Temple Tantra was born of the recognition for a safe and sacred space that could act as a bridge for exploration and healing between these dynamic and ever-evolving conceptualizations of the self.

A Practitioner Who Cares

Having an idyllic fusion of education, accreditation and experience from upon which to draw is what truly sets Christopher apart.


Certified Massage Therapist

With nearly 2½ decades of experience in elite physical culture Christopher recognized a desire within himself to move on to work that viewed the body as a integrative whole as opposed to simply a physical vessel. Over the past decade he has invested time in refining his philosophy of using the somatic self as a gateway to unlocking and empowering the best versions of our psychological, emotional and spiritual being — tantra massage is the latest step on this journey.

• BA York University
• Certified Physical Preparation Specialist.
• Certificate in Tui Na, Gua Sha & Cupping.
• Currently pursuing studies in Acupuncture.

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