During the course of any session, regardless of treatment length, 3 main types of massage can be used. These varied modalities are rooted in 3000 year old practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine¹.

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Pranayama Breath Work

Without breath, there is no life. Pranayama breathing techniques help the practitioner to remove physical and emotional blocks or obstacles in the body so that breath and prana [energy] can flow freely².

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Tantra Service

Tantra is a sacred ceremony of exploration rooted in surrender. In so doing, the receiver is empowered to rediscover their senses, feelings and emotions³ with the ultimate aim of resolving deep seeded relationship, self-esteem and sexual issues [or trauma] or exploration of boundaries in a safe and nurturing environment.

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The Sacred Temple Tantra was born of the recognition for a safe and sacred space that could act as a bridge for exploration and healing between the dynamic and ever-evolving conceptualizations of the physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual self.

The journey of each session is as unique as you and your individual needs on any given day may be. Although there is a general format and strict guidelines to which most sessions will adhere, the unfolding of the sacred ceremony itself will largely be predicated on an initial 10 – 15 minute needs assessment that will vary largely from one individual to the next.

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